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 Level IVAA Stylist- Terre Wafford



Terre established Mane & Glory in 1999. Becoming an industry veteran who specializes in hair restoration and health, she is dedicated to her calling for healthy hair while growing a business and a brand. She is motivated about enlightening every woman and child with the truth about their "hair".

Terre's Testimonials

Bridget White on 6/11/2013 Styled By Terre Wafford

I've been with Terre for about three months, I have no complaints. Thank you for excellent work and professionalism displayed by the Mane & Glory's staff.

Kelli Moorer on 3/12/2013 Styled By Terre Wafford

We love the team at Mane and Glory....been going for years. Hair is healthy and daughter loves the STS treatment system. Thank you Terre, Melvin and Pep.

Kelli and Kayla

Bridget White on 3/11/2013 Styled By Terre Wafford

My first visit was a walk-in consultation, which I was truly impressed with the professionalism of the staff (a salon manager, now that's impressive). Even more impressed on how they was able to accommodate my scheduling of appointment within the same week. During my appointment, I enjoyed how the staff ensure I was taking care of. Terre, thank you & I hope this is a beginning of great business relationship

Robin on 10/19/2012 Styled By Terre Wafford

I LOVE!!! My Hair - Thank you Terre for the prompt service and the bounce to may natural hair. It's cute

Angela Diaz on 3/2/2012 Styled By Terre Wafford

I enjoyed my first visit and Mane and Glory. All the ladies were very pleasant and nice. Thank you Terry for doing a wonderful job on my hair. Your assistant did a nice job as well, she was very knowledgeable. I didn't think I would ever wear my hair down since going natural, but I am rocking this new natural look. I will definitely recommend your business to my friends and family.

Shanitra on 2/29/2012 Styled By Terre Wafford

The team at Mane & Glory is very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. My first experience led me to stop getting relaxers and begin a journey to stronger, healthier hair! I recommend ceramic phusion to everyone!! After transitioning for 11 months, I went in for my Big Chop and I love my hair! I refer all of my friends & family to this amazing salon. You will not leave disappointed.

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