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Home of Ceramic Phusion!!!

The Mane & Glory Team would like to introduce you to the newest and greatest phenomenon with healthy hair. We are now entering a time when the culture of hair is rapidly fast-forwarding into an era where the health of your hair takes precedence. Here at Mane & Glory we are committed to partnering with you to obtain the maximum health and growth potential for your hair. 

Ceramic Phusionv

Ceramic Phusion is a technique designed to make a physical change in the cortex layer of the hair, that can be done on natural or chemically relaxed hair. It helps to promote healthy hair growth by providing the optimal amount of moisture which alleviates breakage. Although education on the process may be limited the possibilities are endless. Learning about Ceramic Phusion is exciting and rewarding. Here at Mane & Glory we are committed to partnering with you to obtain the maximum health and growth potential for your hair. The process also allows you to extend the life of the relaxer, by the utilization of the correct shampoos and conditioners.  


What type of heat does the ceramic iron provide?


Infrared; controlled heat designed for protection and locking in moisture.


What is the difference between using a conventional oven and a ceramic iron?


Traditional stove heat damages the cuticle of the hair and dries the hair, versus the ceramic that seals in moisture from 

the inside out.


Can I duplicate the process at home on my own?


Yes, we retail everything we use in the salon for your convenience at home. We teach our guests every step of the process so they can continue to maintain healthy hair at home and this is our promise to partner with you!!!


How does moisture in the elements alter the hair after a Ceramic Phusion process has been done?

  • Seals in moisture
  • Allows hair to retard moisture from elements
  • It infuses moisture through a consistent regimen

Ceramic Phusion should be done as often as necessary depending on natural wave pattern of each individual.

Salon Commitment

Our commitment to bringing fragile hair back to life, is an ongoing ever-learning process. We continue to educate ourselves on the most innovative ways to ensure that achieving healthy hair is our outcome. We are fully committed to assisting our guest with their hair education, maintenance and maximum potential growth. We believe it is our responsibility to keep ourselves educated with the latest information and technology available to share with our valued guests. Here, at Mane & Glory we are a team of one. Every service provider has been given hands-on training to ensure the results that you receive are consistent and continuous.

Guest Commitment

Since the majority of your hair care is done at home it is vital that you and your service professional work together to obtain the maximum potential for your hair. That is why we believe that it is more beneficial for you to use products consistent with your salon care. Guests will be given an individualized prescription for their hair upon leaving.

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